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Which NFL chant is the most intimidating? Betway says DUUUVAL

Everything in sports has power rankings. But how do you rank NFL chants?

Online gambling site Betway took a run at it anyway.

“By identifying each team’s most prominent songs and analyzing Spotify data for intensity, loudness, and energy, we’ve been able to reveal which NFL fanbases boast the most powerful support,” the site’s blog, the Betway Insider, posted in May. “We’ve also explored which NFL slogan is the most popular among social media audiences.”

Who do you think won? Go ahead, guess.

Which NFL fanbase has the most intimidating chanting?

When we look at “intensity, loudness, and energy,” which NFL fanbase easily drowns out the rest?

DUUUVAL! “We can officially crown the Jacksonville Jaguars’ Duuuuval as the most intimidating chant in the NFL,” the post said, “with an incredible loudness score of 42. This is over 10 times the score achieved by fellow Florida team the Miami Dolphins, whose anthem is the second-least intimidating (4).”

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