Seaspice Brasserie & Lounge: A Culinary Haven on the Water’s Edge

Seaspice Brasserie & Lounge

Once warehouse space, this indoor/outdoor riverfront haven is now the place to see and be seen in Miami, especially on Sundays during epic brunch soirees. More bottles are popped than can be counted, and everyone looks like a model or celebrity (there might actually be a few present).

Besides dining among figurative stars, patrons can dine under literal ones on an expansive riverfront deck. Executive chef Angel Leon focuses on luxe but simple wood oven-cooked dishes, particularly seafood casseroles: prawns with madras curry and Pernod; and PEI mussels in herb sauce with grilled crostini for mopping up the last flavorful drop.

To match the decadent atmosphere, there’s also pata negra ham croquettes, Wagyu steak tartare, and a black truffle Brie tart for good measure. For dessert, try retro-modern items with some South Florida regional reinvention: orange blossom Pavlova with passion fruit curd.

Explore the Exquisite Seaspice Miami Menu

The extensive global wine list includes bottles that pair well with seafood or are fine to drink by themselves.

Seaspice Miami waterfront dining

Seaspice Brasserie & Lounge has become a favored destination not only for food enthusiasts but also for celebrities seeking a remarkable waterfront dining experience. Renowned personalities from various industries have graced this iconic establishment, further elevating its status as a celebrity hotspot. Among the notable names seen at Seaspice are former First Lady Michelle Obama, pop sensation Justin Bieber, multi-talented entertainer Jennifer Lopez, the stunning Liv Tyler, action film star Steven Seagal, and the mesmerizing Adriana Lima. These esteemed individuals, alongside many others, have chosen Seaspice as their go-to place, adding an extra touch of glamour and allure to this already extraordinary establishment.

How To Dress when dining at Seaspice Brasserie & Lounge

At Seaspice Miami, the ambiance and atmosphere are carefully curated to provide an exceptional dining experience. As part of creating an upscale and sophisticated environment, the establishment maintains a dress code that reflects the refined nature of the venue. Customers are kindly requested to dress nicely, ensuring that their attire aligns with the elegance and style befitting this waterfront gem. The dress code at Seaspice enhances the overall ambiance and adds to the sense of occasion, allowing patrons to fully immerse themselves in the luxurious surroundings while enjoying the exquisite cuisine and stunning views. Whether it’s an intimate dinner or a lively gathering, guests are encouraged to dress their best, embracing the opportunity to showcase their own unique sense of style in this fashionable Miami setting.

Host Your Own Event

At Seaspice Miami, we take pride in being one of the most elegant and unique venues in the city, offering an unparalleled backdrop for your next special event. Whether you are planning an intimate family function or a large-scale fundraising reception, we have everything you need to create an outstanding and unforgettable experience.

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery that surrounds our venue, providing a stunning setting that will impress your guests. Our culinary team, renowned for their talent and creativity, will delight your taste buds with a diverse and exquisite range of cuisine, carefully crafted to cater to your event’s unique requirements.

To inquire about hosting an event at Seaspice Miami, we invite you to complete the form below or reach out to our dedicated events team. Contact us at 305.440.4200 ext. 207 or send an email to Our experienced team is ready to assist you in creating a truly exceptional event that exceeds your expectations.

Choose Seaspice Miami as your premier event venue and let us transform your special occasion into an extraordinary and unforgettable affair.

Located at 422 NW North River Drive, Miami, FL 33128

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