Bodega Night Club: The Best Spot For An Older Crowd

When you arrive at Bodega for the first time, it may seem like a popular local taqueria, with an Airstream trailer serving tacos and picnic tables creating a casual atmosphere. However, as you see Ubers full of models and clubgoers arriving and disappearing into the small taco joint, you may sense that there is something more going on.

If you look around and find a guy with an earpiece at the back of the room and tell him that your friend sent you, he might direct you to a back door that looks like an entrance to a Porta Potti. After passing through it, you will enter a graffiti-filled men’s washroom. Only after passing through yet another door will you enter one of South Beach’s hottest hidden nightclubs.

The mixologists have an extensive menu that heavily relies on “illegal” mezcal, and the DJ keeps the room pumping all through the night. The club caters to a friendly, slightly older crowd and offers a good introduction to the South Beach scene without any cover charge and lineups that you’ll find at clubs closer to the beach.

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Located on Miami Beach, Bodega is a departure from the iconic line of luxury hotels, all-night clubs and luxury shops that line South Beach, bringing the scene back to Miami’s local side. Its tricked out taco truck interior is the newest spot for over-the-top Mexican street food and yummy margaritas.

Upon entry, diners will be surprised by the converted airstream trailer that is attached to the interior back wall, where the kitchen staff serves up tasty tacos, antojitos, and tortas. Once you’re done eating, feel free to explore the rooms, including a strange non-functioning bathroom and a large speakeasy.

Bodega offers more than just a dining experience. It’s a food truck, nightclub, speakeasy, and dance party all in one. So, hang out on one of the plush sofas or light up a cigarette on the balcony, and experience the electrifying nightlife that Miami locals live for.

Located at 1220 16th St Miami Beach, FL 33139

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